Rose Geranium Natural Tick Repellent

Rose Geranium Natural Tick Repellent

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Looking for a 100% Natural Tick Repellent? Try our Rose Geranium Spritz. Safe for use on dogs and humans. Lasts up to 60-90 minutes. May need to be reapplied during longer outings.
Leave the Ticks outside where they belong!
Vintage Dog Tick Repellent

Tired of pulling tens of ticks off your dogs after walks in fields, forests or high tick areas? So were we. We created a custom blend of tick repelling scents that smell great to us but not so great to the little bugs. Our product will repel 90-95% of ticks on your walks. Safe to use on your dogs coat and yourself.

ALWAYS apply spray outdoors in a well ventilated area ie. backyard, condo balcony, outside the vehicle just before the walk. Our dogs are super sensitive -any form of spray or mist should never be inhaled by our dogs or their humans.

TIP: If you go on multiple walks a day in high tick areas you will likely need to reapply the spray or use a thicker layer. If you cannot smell it, reapply it. Wipe off excess residue at the end of each day with a wet cloth. Our dogs are super sensitive to smells and we just want to make sure they are comfortable at the end of each day.
Spritz your hands and gently rub on your dogs ears and under chin. Avoiding the eyes and mouth. This will give some protection around the face. The main areas to spray are the legs, underbelly, chest and shoulders.

Need a Tick Repellent that lasts longer? Try our 2 in 1 Coat Conditioner and Tick Repellent. It is made with high quality essential oils mixed with our dog coat conditioner base. This product is non-oily and pet safe. Long lasting up to 3-4 hours.

CAUTION: Do not spray on dogs face. Avoid eyes and mouth. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If irritation occurs wash area thoroughly. Do not ingest.

Size: 8oz